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  • You should consult your physician before starting to use the Soccer-SETT for testing or training. A physician should assure you that you have no limiting conditions to exercise at high intensity and to perform sprints and repeated sprints. The physician shall clear you to participate in an exhaustive endurance exercise testing and training program which includes repeated sprints, such as with the Soccer-SETT.

    You understand that there is a risk of injury associated to your body with the use of the Soccer-SETT for testing or training, especially muscle injuries, heart stress, and respiratory discomfort or shortness of breath due to exertion.

    If you think you have a medical emergency during the use of the Soccer-SETT call your doctor or/and 911 immediately.

    The Soccer Performance & Science Institute (SPSI), the Founder or any personnel associated with SPSI will not be liable from any claims for any direct, or indirect injuries to any part of your body that may result from the use of the Soccer-SETT for testing or training. During the summer heat exhaustion may occur, so you should avoid using the Soccer-SETT during high heat or/and high humidity conditions.

    By proceeding with the purchase of the Soccer-SETT you affirm that you have read the above statements and fully agree to release SPSI, the Founder, or personnel associated with SPSI from any liability now or in the future for medical conditions, injuries, or treatments that may result from using the Soccer-SETT.

  • Preparation.

    Measure 28 meters between two cones or any other marking items.

    Warmup. Before the test, allow 20 minutes of proper warmup, including alternating jogging and walking for 5 minutes, stretching the main muscle groups (quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, groin, and calf) for 5 minutes. The warmup should be completed with an additional period of alternating jogging, running, walking and short sprints (10-15 meters) for 5 minutes. A resting period to hydration and stretching the muscle groups again should precede the start of the test.

    Duration of the Soccer-Specific Endurance Test: The test is performed for the duration of a match. In professional players it is two halves of 45 minutes, separated by a period of 15 minutes of rest. During the test, players are allowed to drink water during the walking periods without stopping.

    Time to Anaerobic Fatigue: When players are unable to continue that is that time to fatigue. 

    Resuming the Endurance Test: Allow for a period of rest 1-2 minutes after the Anaerobic Fatigue took place.

    Endurance Time: Add the number of minutes the player completed.

    Endurance Distance: Multiply the number of minutes completed by 6 and by 28 meters. Example 50 minutes completed= 8400 meters total distance covered

    Sprint Distance: 1/6 of total distance covered. In the example above, sprint distance is 1400 meters

    Running Distance: 1/6 of total distance covered. In the example above, running distance is 1400 meters

    Jogging Distance: 2/6 of total distance covered. In the example above, running distance is 2800 meters

    Walking Distance: 2/6 of total distance covered. In the example above, running distance is 2800 meters


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