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The vision of the Soccer Performance and Science Institute (SPSI) is to be one of the most innovative institutions for maximizing the development of soccer players’ technical, tactical, physical, and mental potentials while fostering impeccable sportspersonship.


The mission of SPSI is to develop the capacities of soccer players by applying science-based educational and coaching methodologies, using novel assessments and cutting-edge technologies to monitor and guide players’ progressions to effectively achieve excellence on and off the field as outstanding sportspersons.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Teaching players technical skills, tactical principles of play, soccer-specific fitness, mental strength, and sportspersonship,

  • Training and coaching all aspects of the game and competing against other teams.

  • Creating soccer-specific testing methods to assess objectively players’ skills and fitness levels periodically.

  • Designing objective grading of technical and tactical performance during games to evaluate players’ match performance periodically.

  • Providing periodic development reports with recommendations for improvement for each player.

  • Educating  soccer players and their families using scientifically-based knowledge of different aspects of the sport such as sportspersonship, performance, nutrition, injury prevention, fitness, and player development.

  • Generating awareness in the community of the benefits of soccer to health and establishing healthy lifestyles.

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