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Our approach to player development is rooted on science and education, integrity, kindness, responsibility, and professionalism.


At SPSI we develop players using the most current scientific knowledge in the areas of neuroscience of learning, biomechanics of motor skills, muscle physiology, cardio-respiratory physiology, fitness, performance monitoring, match analysis, training methodology, and the psychology and sociology of the sport.


In order to monitor development objectively, we conduct periodic assessments of the game readiness in skills, and soccer-specific fitness, as well as the analysis of technical, tactical, and physical match performance for players and teams. We utilize objective grading of key performance indicators of game readiness and match performance to monitor player and team development during a season and through the years.

We also offer seminars, workshops, and courses to educate players, coaches, and parents about player development, performance, physiology, injury prevention, nutrition, sportspersonship, and healthy lifestyle. 

These fundamental activities are paramount for the development of soccer players as extraordinary performers on the field as well as exceptional sportspersons.


Still accepting players for several teams

We are still accepting players for several teams including


GU11 (players born in 2014, 2015)


BU9 (players born in 2016, 2017, 2018)

BU11 (players born in 2014, 2015)

BU13 (players born in 2012, 2013)

BU15 (players born in 2010, 2011)

BU17 (players born in 2008, 2009)

Request more information at: or text at (407) 619-6347.



All our recreation programs include an intensive program of basic skill training using our novel Mindfootness methodology based on advances in neuroscience, motor skill learning, and sensory systems, and the mirror neuron system.

Request more information at:

or text at (407) 619-6347

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